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Nandini Ray, Sr. Manager, Outreach & Prevention Program at Maitri, speaks to us

Maitri is a free, confidential, nonprofit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area that primarily helps families and individuals from South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives) facing domestic violence, emotional abuse, cultural alienation, or family conflict.

Maitri fills a critical gap in the domestic violence services available in the community by being sensitive to the culture of the South Asian community and by speaking the languages that South Asian survivors speak. Maitri services are free and confidential.

Nandini Ray, Sr. Manager, Outreach & Prevention Program. She leads all community engagement and educational activities at Maitri – hosts the podcast, Between friends, runs the social media pages, and represents Maitri at community events, in media and meetings. She is a State mandated trained Domestic Violence advocate.

On the show today, Nandini talks about Maitri – about all its services in great detail, about how one reach Maitri for help and much more – so in case you missed this earlier, tune – in for sure, today, 11th March, on our Show, on MeraSangeet Gold at 2:00 PM EST and on MeraSangeet USA at 5:00 PM – EST

From our Archives – In conversation with Manoj Kumar Sahaab, one of India’s finest Actors and Film makers

Harikishan Giri Goswami, better known by his stage name Manoj Kumar, is an Indian actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, lyricist and editor who worked in Hindi cinema. He is known for acting and making films with patriotic themes, and has been given the nickname Bharat Kumar. Among many awards to his credit, he is aso the recipient of a National Film Award and seven Filmfare Awards, in varied categories. Courtesy

This conversation is from many years back and it takes us further down the years as Manoj Kumar Sahaab recollects memories of his birth place, of a period which left a deep impact on him – reflections of which can be seen in many of his patriotic films – the time of India’s partition – of living in a refugee camp and finally making his way into Cinema.

Manoj Kumar Sahaab takes you through his period in the a narrative so beautiful, you could actually start visualizing each and every moment of history. Tune – in for sure, today 1oth March, on our Hindi Radio Show, on MeraSangeet Gold at 2:00 PM EST and on MeraSangeet USA at 5:00 PM – EST


In conversation with Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa

Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa: Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, Gilberto Hinojosa attended public schools and was the first in his family to graduate from college. He received his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center. Returning to Texas, he became the managing attorney for the Brownsville office of Texas Rural Legal Aid.

Governor Ann Richards appointed Gilberto to the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, overseeing the Texas prison and parole system. He has served his fellow Texans as a county, district court, and court of appeals judge in both appointed and elected capacities. Gilberto is currently in private practice in Brownsville. Since 2012, Gilberto has served as the chair of the Texas Democratic Party.

Today, we discuss with  Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa about the start of early voting in the March 5th Primary and measures that Texas Democrats have taken to recruit and assist candidates, increase turnout, and support Texas voters. In case you missed it earlier, do listen- in to this conversation, on our Show, on 3rd and 4th March on MeraSangeet Gold at 2:00 PM EST and on MeraSangeet USA at 5:00 PM – EST

In Remembrance – From our Archives – Conversation with Indian singer, Pankaj Udhas

Pankaj Udhas Sahaab — You have left a huge void today –  too soon and sudden, this will take a long time to sink in – May your soul rest in peace.

Pankaj Udhas is a very popular Indian ghazal and playback singer. After his success as a ghazal singer, he was invited to appear and sing for a film by Mahesh Bhatt, Naam. He did playback singing for many Hindi films after that. In 2006, Pankaj Udhas was awarded Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian award. Courtesy

On the show, Pankaj Udhas talks about his growing-up days, about his father, his brothers – how music just became his first love, home, and much much more. This conversation was recorded many many years back but is as fresh as today – So know your favorite singer, and hear him talk about so many memories – as he does so, he also sings along – and we also play many many of his super hit nos.

The date and time to save is – our show, From our Archives, today, 26th February, on MeraSangeet Gold at 2:00 PM EST and MeraSangeet USA at 5:00 PM – EST

Award-winning Poet, Filmwriter, Producer, Lyricist and a Columnist, Sunayana Kachroo Bhide, with us, on MeraSangeet

Sunayana Kachroo has written for various award-winning movies, which have been screened at many prestigious film festivals like Cannes, MAMI and Austin Film Festival.

Sunayana expresses herself through diverse styles of writing in English, Hindi and Kashmiri language. She continues to explore various themes ranging from Love, Home, Loss, Nature, Mythology, Healing, Women’s empowerment, Prejudices and much more.

She has performed across the world through Poetry shows and recitations. Sunayana engages the audience with her unique style of expressing poems as compelling visual images, laced with observations and anecdotes.

On our show today, she talks about the Memorial Concert at Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall, on 2nd March 2024, in honor of Ustad Vilayat Khan’s 20th Anniversary, which is being presented by Sneh Arts.

Do listen- in to this conversation, on our Show, Saat Samundar Paar, on MeraSangeet Gold, today – 22nd February, at 9:00AM,1:00 PM,5:00 PM and 9:00 PM – EST. You can also catch the interview on MeraSangeet East at 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM – EST

In conversation with Hidayat Husain Khan, exquisite sitar player and vocalist

A direct descendant and proponent of one of the most treasured lineages of eastern classical music, sitarist Hidayat Husain Khan is the youngest son of the legendary Ustad Vilayat Khan, globally acclaimed as the greatest of all sitarists,

Hidayat Husain Khan harbors a rare, creative brilliance that effortlessly takes him across all genres and nuances of music. An exquisite sitar player and vocalist well-versed in the ‘Gayaki ang’.

Hidayat Husain Khan has lent his versatility in several film score compositions and has performed in numerous classical and fusion concerts, independently and in collaboration with such illustrious musical names as, Ndugu Chancler, Ronnie Woods, Alicia Keys, Usher, Zakir Hussain, Pete Townshend, Will.I.Am, Jay Z and Darryl Jones.

Today, we take a journey back to his childhood days, of first picking up the sitar to mastering it, and much more about Indian Classical Music. We also talk about  the Memorial Concert at Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall, on 2nd March 2024, in honor of Ustad Vilayat Khan’s 20th Anniversary,  which is being presented by Sneh Arts. Do listen- in to this conversation, on our Show, Saat Samundar Paar, on MeraSangeet Gold, today – 21st February, at 9:00AM,1:00 PM,5:00 PM and 9:00 PM – EST. You can also catch the interview on MeraSangeet East at 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM – EST

From our Archives – conversation with the prominent Indian Hindi and Urdu poet, lyricist and dialogue writer

Nida Fazli, was a prominent Indian Hindi and Urdu poet, lyricist and dialogue writer. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 2013 by the government of India for his contribution to literature.

He was honored with the National Harmony Award for writing on communal harmony. He wrote 24 books in Urdu, Hindi and Gujarati. Some of his works are also present in National Council of Educational Research and Training Hindi textbooks which millions of students study. He received the Mir Taqi Mir award for his autobiographical novel Deewaron Ke Bich from the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Courtesy

Today, we get a chance to relive some moments with Nida Fazli Sahaab – each word of this conversation is poetic – taking the listener through a high through our very own languages, Hindi and Urdu – weaved into each other, so beautifully. Catch the conversation, recorded many years back, today, 20th February, on our Hindi Radio Show, From our Archives, on MeraSangeet Gold at 2:00 PM EST and on MeraSangeet USA at 5:00 PM – EST

Save the dates for – Ustad Vilayat Khan 20th Anniversary Memorial Concert, on Saturday March 2nd 2024

Sneh Arts presents a heartfelt Memorial Concert at Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall, on 2nd March 2024, in Honor of Ustad Vilayat Khan’s 20th Anniversary.

This unique program is being co-presented by Sneh Arts and the Ustad Vilayat Khan Foundation, a testament to their shared commitment to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of Indian classical music. Together, they ensure a comprehensive and authentic tribute to the maestro, emphasizing his enduring impact on the world of music.

The opening tribute will immerse the audience in a combination of music, audio-visuals, and poetic narration.  This musical collaboration promises to be a poignant and fitting conclusion to an evening dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy of Ustad Vilayat Khan.

Tickets for the memorial concert are available for purchase at Carnegie Hall’s official website or at the venue’s box office. For more information, do visit

Press Release by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

Democrats maintained the Pennsylvania Democratic House majority tonight after DLCC Spotlight Candidate Jim Prokopiak won his critical special election in the battleground HD-140.

Representative-elect Jim Prokopiak issued the following statement:

“I ran for this seat because I want to make peoples’ lives easier in Bucks County. What I heard from voters is that Bucks County residents need help supporting their families, want control over their own bodies, and ensure they have the ability to chart their own paths in life. I’m committed to taking my conversations with voters to Harrisburg and making their dreams a reality. I want to thank voters in my district who put their trust in me, as well as the DLCC for their support. I’m excited to get to work with the House Democratic majority to deliver for families across Bucks County and Pennsylvania. I’m honored to join the Pennsylvania Democratic caucus and look forward to being back on the ballot for a full term in November.”

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Heather Williams issued the following statement:

“This victory is a promising sign for Democrats up and down the ballot this year – it’s clear that momentum is on our side. Now, our focus turns to defending the Pennsylvania House and making gains in the Pennsylvania Senate in November. Voters want representatives who protect their fundamental freedoms, which is why electing Democrats to legislatures across the country is so important. The DLCC is all hands on deck for 2024, where we have opportunities across the country to defend our progress, flip key chambers, and build lasting Democratic power in the states.”

To watch the earlier recording of the Zoom press conference, click on

From our Archives – conversation with the Indian Ghazal singer, Chandan Dass

Chandan Dass is a popular Indian ghazal singer. He has many albums to his credit and some very unforgettable Ghazals.

On the show, recorded many years back, Chandan Dass ji talks about his journey, of being introduced to a well known Indian record company by Talat Aziz ji. He also talks about his many albums, his ghazals, of his many live performances, and so much more. We also talk about his family.

So listen – in for sure, to this wonderful conversation and some beautiful ghazals, rendered by Chandan Dass, as we rewind the clock and go down memory lane, today 11th February, on our Hindi Radio Show, From our Archives, on MeraSangeet Gold at 2:00 PM EST and on MeraSangeet USA at 5:00 PM – EST

In remembrance: From our Archives – a conversation with India’s greatest singer, Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar, a name so familiar, so much our own, a name which reached the greatest of heights, attained so much glory and fame, and yet remained so humble, so grounded. Yes, I could feel all this and the simplicity of this great personality, India’s greatest singer and a legend…

We all have heard that Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru had cried when he heard Lata Mangeshkar sing, “Ae Mere Watan ke logo”, when and where did this happen, Lata didi shared those memorable moments. She took us back to the days when she worked along with other legendary singers– Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh…some nostalgic moments, some which brought a smile, and all through this, you could feel her simplicity and her greatness.

This was way back, it seems, but this conversation will always remain fresh – showing the simplicity of a person who attained the greatest of heights – do listen – in, for the rebroadcast, with the Nightingale of India, the Queen of Melody, on our show, From our Archives, today, 6th February – which marks as the day she left us – on MeraSangeet Gold at 2:00 PM EST and on MeraSangeet USA at 5:00 PM – EST.

Save the dates for Ballimaran – The Piyush Mishra Project LIVE in Concert

Ballimaaraan – The Piyush Mishra Project is a live concert with a full band. It is a musical homage to the doyen of Urdu poetry, Mirza Ghalib. The band’s genre-bending music is a fusion of retro with contemporary tunes and has a youthful, rebellious vibe. Ghalib spent his last 10 years of life in a haveli on Ballimaaraan lane in Old Delhi near Chawri Bazaar, close to Chandni Chowk. Mishra derived the name of his show from there. Known for its powerful and free-flowing lyrics, the music feels like an engaging conversation. Since its inception in 2016, songs like Aarambh, Husna, Ghar and many others have become popular among the youth.

Piyush Mishra is known for his effortless performances in movies like Tamasha, Gangs of Wasseypur and others. Witness an enigmatic and energetic celebration in the first-ever US tour of Piyush Mishra’s Ballimaaraan.

The tickets for the show are available for purchase at