Press Release: The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Announces Spotlight Candidates In Pennsylvania Targeted Races to Return the Democratic Majority in the House and Make Gains in the Senate

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee announced its Spotlight Candidates in Pennsylvania to protect the Democratic majority in the House and make gains in the Senate. Including 15 House candidates and 4 Senate candidates, these targeted races will serve as a guidepost as the DLCC works to increase Democratic power to keep Republican extremism in check and deliver the progress that Pennsylvanians deserve.

Returning the Democratic majority in the House and making gains in the Senate are top priorities for the DLCC in 2024. The DLCC has been on the frontlines of supporting Pennsylvania Democrats in their fight to win and defend their majority in the Pennsylvania House, defending the majority in six special elections in 2023 and 2024. In the Senate, where half of the seats are on the ballot this year, the chamber margins are the closest they have been in a decade.

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To watch the unveiling of the DLCC’s spotlight candidates, click here.