Press Release by Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee: DLCC Wins Full Legislative Control In Virginia

WASHINGTON – In the most important elections of 2023, the DLCC and our partners have won majorities in both legislative chambers in Virginia, protecting reproductive rights for millions of Americans and giving Democrats full control of the state legislature in a key political battleground. 

DLCC interim President Heather Williams issued the following statement: “The DLCC and state legislatures are helping chart the direction of this country. Voters have shown today that MAGA extremism is not welcome in Virginia, echoing the results we have seen in special elections all year long. The work to build Democratic majorities in the states is the work of building a brighter future for millions of Americans where fundamental freedoms are protected, public schools are fully funded, and communities are safer. This new era of leadership in Virginia will ensure that abortion remains legal and that Republican’s MAGA agenda is stopped in its tracks. When state-level Democrats run and have the support they need to win, we put ourselves on the path to progress.”

“Winning full legislative control in Virginia was DLCC’s top priority this year and we’ve been laying the groundwork since January to deliver these wins. We are so grateful for the support and work of all our partners and supporters working to elect Democrats this year as well as our fantastic Democratic candidates. Together we have made this victory possible and improved millions of lives.”