Mridul Lahori, an Engineer, with roots in Jammu and Kashmir, joins our show from New Jersey

Mridul Lahori hails from Jammu and Kashmir, and after obtaining his Engineering degree in Computer Science from Kurukshetra University,  he worked for a decade for multiple software companies in the Delhi NCR region before relocating to the US in 2021. He now lives in New Jersey with his beautiful wife – Nupur Khurana. They are dedicated advocates of sustainable living and always try to do their part in promoting responsible development for a better future for everyone.

Mridul feels, his roots in the Himalayan region, especially Ladakh, run deep due to its historical connection with Jammu & Kashmir before it became a Union Territory. Right from my childhood, he has always been happiest when he was close to nature. As the years passed, he realized that his affinity for nature wasn’t just a passing phase; it was an integral part of who he was. It shaped his values, influenced his choices, and enriched his life in ways he couldn’t fully articulate.

Mridul says, “Unchecked development threatens Ladakh’s delicate ecosystem, including its mountains, glaciers, and rich biodiversity. We’ve already witnessed significant forest loss globally in the name of progress, with glaciers melting and global warming accelerating. It’s imperative to address these challenges. Sonam Wangchuk’s leadership in advocating for Ladakh’s development deserves commendation. As a nation, we must unite and urge the government to declare Ladakh under the 6th Schedule of the Indian Constitution. This designation would ensure Ladakh’s development aligns with its unique needs and safeguards its environment for future generations. Glad to be a part of this movement.”

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