Conversation – with Sumanth Bhatt – on his debut feature film., Mithya – screening at NYIFF 2024

A Software Engineer turned Filmmaker, Sumanth has written & directed 4 short films before this. Having worked in the IT industry for 5 years, Sumanth quit his job and moved back to his quiet, coastal hometown to set up his own design firm, while also pursuing his passion – filmmaking. He made a few short films, acquainting himself with the nitty-gritty of the art of filmmaking, before finally deciding to wind down his design firm & take a plunge into full-time filmmaking. Mithya is his debut feature film.

Mithya is a journey alongside Mithun, an 11-year-old, who is coming to terms with the loss of his parents.  The passing away of a young couple in the family, orphaning two kids, triggered a chain of thoughts. How would the little kids come to terms? How long before the wounds heal, or do they even? How do children grieve? Mithya is an attempt to find answers to these. Can a new house be home, can friendships be forged again or is it all just a search for something long gone? — Watch the film for all these answers and much more. For more details and for tickets, please visit

On the show, we talk to Sumanth about Mithya, about his journey, about his hometown – Tune – in for sure, today, 21st May on our Show, Saat Samundar Paar, on MeraSangeet Gold – at 9:00 AM,1:00 PM,5:00 PM, and 9:00 PM – EST. You can also catch the interview on MeraSangeet East at 11:00 AM EST.