Dilip Jain, Founder of DJED Foundation and Co-founder of Friends of Ladakh Friends of Nature

Entrepreneurship, Education, and Environment are the 3E’s of Dilip’s work ethic, and DJED Foundation also works at the grassroots level on the same 3E’s.

Dilip is a CA and has a PGDM (MBA) from SPJIMR. He spent over 7 years in corporates and another 7 years running his own business. In 2020, he founded the DJED Foundation which works in 7 villages. His main aim is to move the world’s attention from Economy (part) to Ecology (whole). He says, “The existing Western belief system, which underpins the economy and all of its systems, has been destructive for species, societies, and spirituality. , We need a model that allows people to learn, be, and do everything in harmony with nature and life.”
Dilip was named a founding member of the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh, at the age of 37. He took a pro-bono volunteering sabbatical for almost two years to be a part of Sonam Wangchuk’s core team that founded the alternative university and its ventures. He has been a volunteer with SECMOL Ladakh since 2004 and has been especially involved since the start of the renowned Ice Stupa project, which won the Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2016. He is involved in the ClimateFast initiative.

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