Tanu Basu, IAGB Director talks to us about the India Day Event

Tanu Basu has been serving as an active executive director for IAGB (India Association of Greater Boston) for well over a decade. Besides this, she is also an active part of the Executive boards of 2 elite organizations as a founder member and director of IAB (Indian Americans for Burlington) for over five years, and is currently serving as the Secretary of Saheli (dedicated to supporting South Asian women and families in Massachusetts).

Tanu also volunteers in homeless shelters, retirement homes, hospice facilities and Emergency Departments of multiple hospitals in the Greater Boston area.

Tanu was extensively involved in Planning, coordinating, and implementing the Historic, “first time ever” Indian Flag Raising/Hoisting in over 50 towns in MA & New England area, in years 2020 & 2021, to recognize and commemorate India’s Independence Day. She created India Day Citations & Proclamations for towns & cities in MA as part of the Flag Hoisting ceremony. Her passion for dance and storytelling motivated her to choreograph several dance dramas and Yoga dance fusions.

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