From our Archives – conversation with the Indian Ghazal singer, Chandan Dass

Chandan Dass is a popular Indian ghazal singer. He has many albums to his credit and some very unforgettable Ghazals.

On the show, recorded many years back, Chandan Dass ji talks about his journey, of being introduced to a well known Indian record company by Talat Aziz ji. He also talks about his many albums, his ghazals, of his many live performances, and so much more. We also talk about his family.

So listen – in for sure, to this wonderful conversation and some beautiful ghazals, rendered by Chandan Dass, as we rewind the clock and go down memory lane, today 11th February, on our Hindi Radio Show, From our Archives, on MeraSangeet Gold at 2:00 PM EST and on MeraSangeet USA at 5:00 PM – EST