From The Archives : Farooq Sheikh,the great Indian Actor

This is one of those conversations which I hold very close to my heart… Farooq Sheikh Sahaab,the great Indian Actor…so simple and easy to talk to, no airs about him. I remember calling up a day before the interview and a sweet voice answer on the other end-she was his better half, Rupa. I introduced myself and she gave me a time for the next day -and there I was talking with him at exactly the appointed time.
As the conversation unfolded, he took me down memory lane…talked about his films, his co-stars. A very endearing person…that is how he will come across when you go back in time with me and listen-in to the conversation.

Farooq Sheikh Sahaab is no longer with us but he will continue to live on in our hearts, inspire us and  entertain us  through his contribution to Indian Cinema.

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